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Elements In Design

Cold Sprayed Metal Coating Specialists &

Designers of Hand-Made Bespoke Furniture

& Sculptures in Steel

Using the form & function of raw steel, bespoke furniture & sculpture is hand made & finished in an exciting range of bespoke colours & surfaces. We are specialists in cold metal coatings, unique finishes that can be applied to feature walls, custom made furniture & sculpture to create a truly bespoke decorative effect. Finishes can be patinated, waxed or polished in effects of iron, bronze, copper & brass, this is a real metal product, sprayed or hand painted on to almost any surface it bonds firmly to the substrate and creates and extremely hard wearing metal coating that can be verdigris'd, rusted, buffed to a shine or sanded & ground to provide a stunning artistic effect.

Used on film sets and commercial applications up to now, this product allows us to create stunning feature walls that appear to be of solid metal but are actually a coating just microns thick. Cost effective and environmentally friendly, metal coatings transform surfaces that would be otherwise unviable to have made in metal due to cost, weight or safety.

Medical grade copper coating can be applied to door handles, worktops, basins & taps, to offer an anti bacterial coating to medical standards, ideal for rest rooms, care homes or kitchens.